Saturday, September 8, 2007


This has been a miserable week. I have been sick with some kind of cold/sinus crap since Tuesday, and I have had enough! On Wednesday night I couldn't sleep, so I woke Jeff up and asked him to give me a blessing. I was able to sleep that night. But I haven't gotten any better, and now I have a plugged ear to go along with everything else. The nurse at Dr. Herzog's office said that if I'm not better by Monday to call back. So I have been a complete waste of space this entire week, no grocery store, no getting ready for company to come in town this weekend, nothing! Our ward is in charge of the dance tonight, I'm supposed to help decorate, and make cupcakes, and take pictures...and teach tomorrow, it's just miserable. I can't even used Dad's main remedy of "sleep it off" because I can't sleep! I have resorted to sleeping upstairs in the guest bedroom, and that has helped me a little.

On a happy note, our great neighbor Gary volunteered to go to Pottery Barn Kids in Dallas for us and pick up our cribs. (He has a truck, and he is awesome!) So, they are sitting downstairs waiting for assembly! This is the crib, but we got them in a honey color. It will be really weird and a little more real when they are set up in their room.

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Del and Tina Mecham said...

I love the crib! :) I'm sorry you are so sick...bummer! I hope it passes soon!! I've been sick too and am finally feeling almost better...Janice has been sick...hmmm, I'm thinking maybe there was something in the food at New Beginnings... ha! :)