Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sick x 2

This has been the longest week of my life...two sick kids. Some new things for me this week: saline drops and suctioning snot out of two little noses, baby Vicks rub downs, and a rectal thermometer. It's been a real treat as you can imagine. Carter started it last Saturday, and Clara joined in the fun on Wednesday. I always said I would never be a freakish parent who takes their kids to the doctor for a cold...but I did. Can you say freak?? As of today, Carter is doing much better, he is still a little congested, but has a bad cough, which could last 2 weeks or so. Clara is miserable, major congestion, little fever and bad cough. Carter is now 13 pounds, and Clara is 10 pounds or so.

I didn't post on Valentine's Day, but wanted to share a couple of pictures. We got these cute shirts from Old Navy, and I wanted to take some pictures to send out as valentines. We also got a scarf for Abby...I wanted to get pictures of the three of them together. I started taking pictures of just the kids, and as I'm doing that I hear Abby running, bounding really up the stairs. She runs in the bedroom where we are and jumps up on the bed and starts rolling around like a mad dog! She was really upset (I guess) that she was not the center of the photoshoot. It was hilarious! She would not lay down and let me put the kids by her, so this is what I got...what a dog!


The Barbers said...

Too funny about Abby. I suppose an older child would have acted much the same way!
The sick thing is no fun, especially with babies and breathing!! Mine always got the croup. It sounds awful and even just a few weeks ago Shar had it bad enough to really restrict her breathing and worry me until I was able to open her airways!

Del and Tina Mecham said...

Those are such cute pictures! Abby is so funny! Sorry to hear about the colds. I know that can be scary. The nose sucker thing works well! We tell Trey, "we're sucking out your boogies". Okay, Trey hates it, but they work great. Hope the babies get better soon! I'm sure they will. :) --Tina

Shelly said...

I am so sorry they have been sick! It is awful just having one sick I cannot imagine having two little ones sick! Have you even been able to sleep with all that going on? I don't think I could have! They are adorable!