Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter...

a few days late! I'm sure everyone is used to that by now...we are not on time for anything anymore, no matter how hard we try! Here we are in our Easter outfits!


The Barbers said...

They look adorable!!(As I knew they would!)

Emmie-Lew said...

TOO cute! I love his "Little Man" clothes- and you KNOW I love her dress and bow- Kiss 'em for me!!

Autie and Jeff said...

I love Claras SmilE!!!!FiNALly!!! Can't wait to meet them in person...Max is so excited!
We love you guys

Andrea said...

They are both sooooo cute!

Ginga said...

Hey Brandy - its Ginger (from Keystone).
I can't believe I found you - I was looking at a puzzle and the artist's last name was Dowdle and I thought "I wonder how Brandy is" - so I sat down and did a google search and here we are!!!
Your babies are adorable!! I'm so happy for you.
Shoot me an email - burgessh@hotmail.com