Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Freaky...but cool

On Friday night I put Carter down in his crib on his back...when I got him up Saturday morning...he was on his tummy! It was kind of dark in their room so it took me a couple of double takes to realize that he really was on his tummy! It was freaky because of SIDS, but I don't have much control if he's going to turn himself over. So, freaky but cool, I just wish I could have seen it!

Saturday night was our first overnight stay at Grandma and Grandpa's house. They both did great! We went to Rosa's to eat dinner with everyone, and then the guys went to Priesthood session and the girls went to Babies R Us. Sunday we watched/listened to conference, and hung out as a family. Carter decided to roll over on Sunday for everyone to see! It was a great weekend!

Clara and Carter at 4 months old! Clara in her first capris and Carter in his first little bermuda shorts!


Katie said...

they are growing up so quickly! So fun to be able to watch them just a little!

The Barbers said...

I stopped worrying so much about SIDS after they were able to turn themselves too. Whew.
Jeff, thanks for commenting on the blog. Joel got a kick about your golfing reference. At the time I told him, he could only manage a smile but I know he appreciated it!