Monday, June 16, 2008

Sitting and Swimming

We took Carter and Clara for their first swim last week, and they loved it! Both just kicked away in the water!

Both Clara and Carter are sitting up pretty well by themselves now too. Carter is more stable, but Clara is more mobile. She has a great backwards scoot going on.


The Hatches said...

What fun! It looks like they are just loving the water!

The Barbers said...

Oh they are so big!
O.k. We are loving clara's three rolls on her arm! Shinara had them too and we would pinch and chew on them all the time!!
And Carter. My first instinct is to say that he looks just like his dad but I think he actually has Brandy's eye shape. Is he a pretty good mix?

The Nunn Family said...

Your babies are so stinkin' cute! You guys are so blessed. We should get our kids together soon!

Aceves Family said...

They look so cute. It is crazy how big they get so fast isn't it. How fun to go swimming...I am cracking-up at all the new toys in the house...just wait as they grow the toys get bigger and there is so much more! You swear that you won't be those kind of parents and poof one day you look around and every decoration has moved to the top shelf or packed away in some closet and your family room has literally turned into a playroom and yes there is a playhouse in it. And why? So you can take cute pictures...ha ha ha