Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Playing catch up

I have been wanting to post about our trip to Utah, but just haven't done it. So I did a slide show with some of the pictures I took, and Jeff added it to the blog last night...after adding the videos. Yep, Clara is going to love that later in life!

Our trip to Utah was awesome, we had such a great time. I was so sad to leave my family, I hate that we all live so far apart. This trip marked Carter and Clara's first plane ride, and hotel stay. It was their first trip to Utah, and to Temple Square. They got to meet our really good friends, Paul and Jenn and their fun family, they got to meet aunts, uncles and cousins, and great-grandmas. They got to meet Uncle Dave (Jeff's uncle), and some of his kids, and their kids...that was really fun because I hadn't spent much time with them. We had a great dinner with them. We spent time with my cousin Sherry, and with our friend, and fellow Cowboy fan, Kelly.

My aunt and uncle have a great cabin at the Brighton Ski Resort, and it was the perfect setting for my family. Carter and Clara went on their first hike with PawPaw, did crafts with the cousins (sort of), and had lots of entertainers. I had so much help...they were really bored when we got home. Clara had another ear infection (or a continuation of the last one), and Carter had a sinus infection. So that first week back was rough. But we have rallied, and since returning home, Clara is crawling, and she has a tooth (well, part of one anyway). She can also go from a crawling/laying down position to sitting up. She and Carter are both pulling up on their knees onto furniture, or me, or whatever is nearby.

We go for their 9 month check this week, they are 9 months old today!

It is also our anniversary today...Happy 13th Jeff!

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The Barbers said...

You always get great pictures! What a fun trip.
Happy anniversary.