Friday, September 19, 2008

Tired of my last post??

Well, apparently my sister Autumn is. She was giving me a hard time about not posting, and said she was tired of looking at our Cowboys rude! Love you Aut! There's not much going on around here, but here are some pictures of Carter and Clara.

Future Scrapbooker..looking through Mom's magazine looking for ideas.

Carter in his Darth Vader shirt smiling as usual.

Who needs toys when Mom has all these cool punches?

This is getting crazy...standing??? Clara is a very busy girl. She is always crawling or pulling up onto something.

Carter isn't on the move yet like Clara. He is content to sit and play and read.

And last but not least...yes, it is blurry, not sure why. I like to think it's because they wouldn't hold still! This is after church a few Sundays ago...we sure love these two!


Aceves Family said...

They are sure growing up so fast and they look so adorable!! How great that you are letting them help with projects already!! It is so nice to try to get things done with so much help!! hee hee hee They look like so much fun!!

Autie and Jeff said...

ha...I didn't say I hated your cowboys's just that I have no life here, and so all I do is blog surf, and needed to change it! ha ha. Clara is getting big, her face has changed a little since I saw her last. Is she getting hair yet? The church picture is so cute, and of course we LOVE to see carter smiling. Such cute kids. love you, brand. thanks for the dedication post. :)

Emmie-Lew said...

LOVE each and every one of these pictures! They are getting so big and busy! Holy cutest little TIE ever! Love it!

Charmayne said...

Oh Clara~I miss the days of scrapin with your Momma. You should ask her about the good ole" days... :)
My marlee is a scrappbooker now too. Her birthday party is at ou LSS and they are making lil' 6x6 friendship albums.
The pictures are adorable -what fun they must be.