Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Sachse News

I have started taking Carter and Clara to Baby Story Time at the Sachse Library. It's kind of cheesy but fun too! We sing songs and do different hand motions, she reads them stories, and we dance a little too. It's a little tricky for me, but the librarian usually takes Clara when it's time to get up and move...she gets a pretty good workout I think! The first time we went they were taking pictures, and this one ended up in our little Sachse paper. You can see Clara and part of me, but I'm not sure where Carter is!


Marji & Jim said...

That's great! Thomas always somehow ended up in the paper when a photographer would be there :) wish we were there to go with you!

Aceves Family said...

How cute...sound like good mom fun!!

erinannie said...

Hey girl! I just posted a ton of old college pics of us up on Facebook and on my blog.