Wednesday, May 13, 2009

such a fun day

We went to Marji's today, and Carter and Clara had a blast. It was their first experience on a trampoline...they loved it!

Warning: These pictures are really bad, but are really great all at the same time. See what I mean??

Here are my twins and Marji's twins playing in her water/sand table. Which despite the fact that it is really messy...the kids love it!
And I swear we barely made it out of Marji's driveway and...see ya! Such a great day...Marji, remind me again why you moved??


Charmayne said...

I love it when they are so worn out. Ian will still crash in the car after a long day of soccer and being busy. What an awesome day you had.

The Hatches said...

Ah, these are just priceless pictures! It's great when they play so hard (and have so much fun) they fall asleep on the way home. It's a nice, content feeling.

Lindsey said...

Fun pictures! I'm sure the trampoline was a blast. You and Jeff will have to get one now! :)