Friday, June 5, 2009

c&c 18 month stats & a fun friday

We had Carter and Clara's 18 month doctor visit today, so I thought I'd share their stats:

Carter -
Weight: 25.4 lbs, 50%
Height: 32 1/2, 50%
Head: 48, 75%

Clara -
Weight: 25.2lbs, 50%
Height: 31 1/2, 50%
Head: 46, 50%
We also took them to the Wylie Library summer reading kick off...

And we finished the day off with grilled hot dogs and our first swim of the summer!


Autie said...

so fun! you guys are lookin' tan...woo hoo! Looks like a fun library party...I can't wait for ours.

Aceves Family said...

That is quite the reading kick-off. The Libraries here do not do cool stuff like that. Sounds like you guys had a great day!!