Saturday, October 17, 2009

where have we been?

Well, my Mom came for a short visit...and then the kids and I flew back with her to Seattle! We stayed for two weeks, and Jeff came up for the second week. We had such a fun time, had so many new adventures, and took so many pictures that I don't know where to start with posting.

Carter and Clara's favorite things about the trip were: MarMar, PawPaw, and BooBoo, the barn including: llamas, kitties and Willow, dirt, rocks, tractors, etc, and playing with cousins.

We also took them downtown to Pike Place Market, fed the seagulls at Ivar's, went to the Childrens' Museum, went to Remington Farm, went on a ferry ride, went apple picking...did I mention the weather was awesome??
Clara and BooBoo (her great grandma) picking squash. They also got to pick cucumbers, zucchini and potatoes.
This is Jeff and Carter feeding the seagulls french fries...after eating amazing fish n chips at Ivars.
At Remington Farm they have a steam train...we only rode it twice, but Carter would have only done that if we had let him. He loves trains!
Like I said, he loves trains!
Clara and my Mom on the ferryLlamas, llamas, and more llamas...Clara is quite the llama wranglerCarter helping my Dad feed Vixie

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