Saturday, July 24, 2010

pioneer day

I was talking to my sister last night and she reminded me that today is Pioneer Day. She of course had the whole day planned out with all things pioneer...very cute. One of the things she had planned for her kids, I did with my activity day girls last year...and so I thought I would do it with Carter and Clara today too.

First, I talked to them about what a pioneer was, and taught them the Pioneer Children song, you know, ...and walked and walked and walked and walked...

Then we did a Pioneer Day treasure hunt. I especially love Carter's authentic pioneer gear! They loved it, here are some pictures:

And I had one more picture of the two of them holding their treasure (also known as Smarties), and being so excited about it...and I accidentally deleted it...ugh! Anyway, Happy Pioneer Day!


Marji & Jim said...

yay for you blogging :) i love Carter's outfit, matthew will wear similar things throughout the day, love their imaginaton!

Anonymous said...

I absolutly love that he is wearing the backpack, hat and glasses. That is so Austin right now! If you were to come over to our house he would be wearing the exact same thing almost any time of day. Love it!