Monday, November 5, 2007

2008 Tahoe

Here is our new car! I haven't run over the grass yet coming down the driveway! We also figured out (well, Jeff did anyway) how to put the car seat bases in, so those are ready to go! Also, my family has been wanting to see an updated picture of here I am at 33 weeks (yes, I am huge!) my Marion Barber shirt! If you don't know who Marion Barber is, you should find out because he rocks...and he will become your favorite Dallas Cowboy too!


Mark and Michelle said...

Just a few more weeks. For Jeff (Mark speaking), these were the toughest weeks for me. I was just wanting to hug my wife normally and could not because my arms were not long enough. Just grin it and bear it and it will soon be over. Love ya'll lots.

Andrea said...

lucky you, you only have a few weeks left! I think you look great!

The Barbers said...

Love the prego picture! (I see what Jeff's concern is with you tipping!)
I would like to see outside pictures of your new house when you get the chance! We haven't gotten to see this one.