Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Christmas Shoes

This is what you get when Mom gets sucked into a great Christmas movie. When the kids are up I generally don't watch something for me, it's either nothing (the norm), Baby Einstein, Signing Time, or our new fav...Little People. But I have been in a funk lately, not sure why, so I put The Christmas Shoes on while doing dinner. And Jeff wasn't home to make fun of me, so I boobed (in Ellsworth this means cried) through most of it and loved every minute of it. And it was ok that Carter and Clara were playing in the non-safety proofed cabinets, I needed it. The funk isn't totally gone, but I'm starting to feel a little more of the Christmas spirit.


The Barbers said...

It happens to many of us. (The funk) I hope you are feeling back to normal soon. Love ya!

Jeff and Autie said...

Just watched the stinkin' show. Good thing mom wasn't here...I boobed worse than dad!!! Sorry about the funk..how about coming over for a quick cure?
love you and wish you guys were here!